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A collection of free erotic and vanilla hypnosis sessions available from Goddess Ambre Jade


For those who are new to Erotic Hypnosis in general. Information for those looking to session with Ambre Jade for the first time.


Skype sessions, phone sessions, text sessions... Learn more about the erotic hypnosis sessions offered by Ambre Jade.


Do you have what it takes to be a proper hypnoslave? Do you know what it means to be Ambre Jade's hypnosis slave?


Learn more about erotic hypnosis in general and what erotic hypnosis with Ambre Jade looks like. Read about my specialties and my style of trance.


A complete list of audio and video erotic hypnosis sessions with Ambre Jade.


Feature erotic hypnosis audio recordings from Ambre Jade.

Tied by Ambre Jade

Feel your thoughts and illusions of power disappear as I take you deeper. Feel the rope extend over your extremities and all your free will dissipates and Ambre Jade has complete control of you physically and mentally. You are mine.

The Corridor

Explore the deepest part of your mind with Goddess Ambre Jade. You will find yourself in a corridor, the doors on either side of you represent your mind. You will receive a gift. By purchasing, you will also receive a post session assignment. This recording is non gender specific. Very little sexual contact. More focused on self discovery with Ambre Jade as your guide.

Doll Time

Doll Time is the beginning of a long series where Ambre Jade plays with her doll (you)! you will experience freedom from having to make any decision, freedom through complete submission. No thoughts, no wants, no needs, no desire. Just being Ambre Jade’s doll. I will toy with you, play with you how I want. There is no sexual contact, no discussion of sexuality. The eroticism lays in the complete removal of control. The experience of living through the manipulations of Ambre Jade’s wants and desires. This is a powerful file.

Daily Hypnotic Affirmations

Daily Hypnotic Affirmations are short, loop-able files that should be listened to each day, on a rotation or one each day. Their purpose is not necessarily to entrance you but rather acclimate your mind to my influence.


Who is HypnoDomme Ambre Jade?


I am Ambre Jade. Welcome to the Erotic Hypnosis portion of my Empire. I am Montreal based Domme. While I use many tools to bring about submission from my slaves, erotic hypnosis is one of my favourite tools to create the ultimate submission of your mind and body.

Personal Info

  •   1 (888) 726-2447
  •   Montreal, Quebec


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